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Success Insights DISC

One Science

The TTI Success Insights ®  DISC assessment is the only one in the marketplace that generates 384 unique reports, based on both the high and low scores revealed in each individual’s two DISC graphs (natural style graph and adapted style graph). 

Here’s a list of 15 other differentiators of TTI Success Insights®  DISC 

1. Analysis that separates natural behaviours from adapted behaviours 

2. External review documenting the highest Cronbach’s alpha in the marketplace 

3. Published adverse impact scores 

4. Peer-reviewed studies published in journals and for Research 1 institutional dissertations 

5. Test-retest analysis over time to confirm reliability 

6. 384 different personalized DISC reports 

7. Wheel graphics that quickly show team relationships

8. Predictability studies that confirm the connections between behaviours and jobs 

9. Predictability studies that tie behaviours to higher grades 

10. Confirmation studies linking ipsative survey results to real brain activity 

11. Confirmation studies that expose the value of avoidance in decision making 

12. A huge database used to define norming, including norming data for individual countries 

13. Assessments and reports available in 41 languages, which enhance the validity by using a person’s first language. 

14. Integrated reports that not only provide behaviours and motivators information, but also clearly expose the resulting interactions 

15. Assessments built upon at least one of five social sciences that each add to our understanding of human interactions and success  

Recruit and Retain Effective Teams with TTI Success Insights® DISC

Commonly used to: Engage employees, coach leaders, build better communication and to select team members.  Ideal for the recruitment and retention of entry level customer service, experienced sales reps and managers, Success Insights is simple, yet sophisticated. 

Success Insights is available in management/staff, executive and sales versions.